The digital age has transformed the way institutions and businesses deliver their products. In the midst of the constant mutation and evolution of concepts and techniques of marketing management and business strategy, we are invited to reflect upon the impacts and possible benefits of breaking the old paradigm of the customer relationship.


More and more connected, mainly because of the internet and mobile devices, we experience the digital transformation and the obligation of corporations to leave their comfort zone. It is necessary to transform traditional business philosophies, models and systems and, in our case, education. In the midst of this digital revolution, it is easy to see that the economy no longer lives without sharing, creativity, and technology.


But, after all, what is more relevant among the most advanced technologies? The answer is even simpler than one might think: human relations. While technology helps sell and share new products and services, the primary focus will always be on people.


When we make education, offering good products is no longer the only relevant factor to ensure the recruiting and allegiance of students. The success of our BNCs will also depend on our ability to promote unique experiences and develop
emotional bonds in our customers.


Our BNCs must start to manage not only customer success but also customer satisfaction. We must identify the needs and expectations of students, understand their pains and distress, customize our products and adapt our solutions.


This is the proposal of the Human to Human (H2H) concept and perhaps this is the biggest change of the digital age.

A word from the President

In the year in which the city of Manaus completes its 350th anniversary, the ICBEU Manaus hosts, for the second time, the Symposium of Binational Centers, from 24 to 26 October 2019.


In its 38th edition, seeking a greater understanding of customer needs and possible gains in providing a new experience of relationship and sharing of best teaching practices in EGL (English as a Global Language), the proposed theme for immersion and reflection is 'Redefining Mindset: Human2Human Experience in the Digital Era'. Like this ever-changing world, we need to update our brain "app", reconfigure our mindset and our educational practices.

Embark with us on this adventure in the heart of the Amazon!

We look forward to hearing from you and your BNC team.


Luis Fabian Pereira Barbosa

President of ICBEU Manaus


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